10 April 2012

Staggered weekend(s).

Late last year some one said to me ''So, ya getting married eh? S'pose that means ya'll be having a Stag Night...''
Well over the weekend of 31st March/1st April myself and a motley crew of ugly birders from all over middle England descended on the sleazy east coast town of Bridlington for a night of drunken debauchery. En-route to Brid' we bagged a snazzy Red-necked Grebe at Ten Acre Lake on Hatfield Moors, missed a couple of Cranes & a Garganey up near Scarborough and stared at some Purps in Bridlington Harbour. Then we had a night out and the next day we somehow managed to wake up and hang around with the plebs at Flamborough & Bempton. We had a few bits like Ring Ouzel, Black Redstart, Wheatear and stuff but nothing too exciting. The weather was hot and my hangover got worse. In fact the weekend is a bit of a haze and the above is about as much has I can remember.

Hangover cure

 The annual 'four days off' at Easter was eagerly anticipated and on 'Good Friday' (6th April) myself & Mikipedia headed into Staffs to year-tick a Common Crane & Garganey. Nearby, Blithfield Res' gave us all three flavours of Hirundine and an handful of LRP's.

The next day I made the foolish decision to head to North Lincs. I didn't really desire to see the target bird (possible Thayer's Gull or something) but knowing the bird would not be there, I relished the chance to 'pap' some ugly disgruntled faces. The only birds of note were a 2w Iceland Gull which tanked it over the pig shite site and a Peregrine spanking it NE. Having had to drop one of the crew off home in Doncaster so that he could watch 22 blokes boot a bag of wind around, we decided to drop into Boston Park Lake at Hatfield Moors where a couple of Black-necked Grebes were the only highlight.

Fot some unknown reason we then headed back to Brigg where we still didn't see that brown seagull but did add to our shared fuel cost! Nice! Below are a few shots of some of the mugs I 'papped' during the day. As you can see, with these beasts on site, no wonder the bird didn't turn up!

The next couple of days (8th & 9th April) were spent doing very little other than eating well, partaking in a moderate amount of alcohol consumption and generally being a lazy cunt.

(As regular readers will obviously note (I hope), this blog post has been constructed with a liberal helping of  'Can't be arsed').

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