24 March 2012

Maybe tomorrow...

Ok, so for the second weekend running I chose to spend my Saturday morning trudging around 'The Patch' - It happens every year, spring arrives and I get that uncontrollable urge to stomp around the sacred paths, paddocks, pasture and boggy stuff searching for recent arrivals for a few weeks until come mid-April, the little black beepy box starts giving it some beepage and I forget the hallowed turf of KMR in favour of additions to my BOU England, Scotland & Wales list.
Anyhow, this morning I arrived at the rather late time of 7.30am. Now this aint an admission that I overlay, no siree, I was up and ready to go at 6am but a glance out of the window and not being able to see my motor on the drive due to some fog enveloping everything it could touch, forced me to wap on the kettle a few times and await some clearage. By 7.10am, it still hadn't lifted, however with no one online on FaceBook to ridicule, I gingerly made my way to the car and carefully(!) drove to the res'.
Upon arrival, I had a mooch about the Sailing Club Marsh just incase the Jack Snipe was 'showing' - It wasn't. Mr/Mrs Water Rail had also left home early so I headed for the shoreline to look for the Black necked Grebe that had been relocated earlier in the week by Mikipedia. No sign of that either, although, as the following images depict, I wasn't exactly viewing in prime conditions...

Move along, nothing to see here.
One or two Chiffchaffs were singing and a couple of Blackcaps, so with hopes that perhaps maybe there might just be a grounded Wheatear or even Ring Ouzel knocking about, I headed for 'Thee Olde Wheatear Field'. Upon arrival at said field, it was obvious it was a waste of my precious time so I took a break and had a KitKat.

Knowing that he is a fiend for year ticks and to ease my boredom, I sent a text to Mikipedia informing him of the presence of at least three Blackcaps. He replied that he was on his way so I headed in the direction of the Sailing Club for our rendezvous. En Route I came across this ghostly grey gloved hand beckoning me into the marshes! Although it had been a shit morning, I refrained from being seduced into a watery dunk

After meeting up with Mike, we had another search of 'Thee Olde Wheatear Field' (to no avail) before making our way to the Viewing Platform. The sun had now decided to get its shit together and quickly burnt off the offending fog. The lifting of the cloud curtain revealed the jewel like pinnacle on the mucky waters of King's Mill Res' -

Abit of a 'vis-mig' session in 'The Weedy Field' prouced nothing more than a few Mipits so with the sun now BLAZING and NO Hirundines being seen, we departed to the cafe for a brew.

Mikipedia was far from impressed on the mornings offerings
The final tally of shit after 6hrs looked like this (I'm only giving you the interesting stuff) -
1 Black necked Grebe
8 Chiffchaffs
3 Blackcaps
9 Snipe
1 Willow Tit
1 Stoat
4+ decent female joggers with firm arses
1 cup of tea
and a KitKat...

The title of this post says it all.

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