1 July 2012

Hello, Hello, It's good to be back...(?)

Hello! Yep, it's me! I'm back..... well I haven't really been 'anywhere', I've just been incredibly fucking lazy and not 'blogged' for about two & a half months!
I've also been a bit busy doing non-birding stuff and these inconveniences have actually restrained my time for 'Blogging' but now these are out of the way, I can get back down to scribing more (usually alcohol induced) bullshit on here.
Right then, just a little catch-up on what I've been up to since my last 'post' back in early April...

On the 21st of April, I went and had a look at a Black-winged Stilt that was being all gay and residing in Lincs (Frampton).

Be wary if you come across this creature. Known to frequent Lincs, Doncaster and working mens clubs.
I then went to Cuba again from April 25th - May 9th. Once again I had a mint time, saw some cracking birds, got a decent tan, drank far too much Rum and got married (the volume of rum has nothing to do with the latter). I'll try and write something up about the excellent birding I experienced but here's some pictures for you to look at.
Mike 'Fidel' Feely scoping the sea; he saw fuck all.

Snoop Dunn

Colourful Warbler

Fuzzy Red legged Thrush
Upon returning from the Caribbean, I did very little until May 21st when after work I visited a golf course somewhere near Wales to look at this -

On May 23rd I managed to sneak a peek at a snazzy Notts Wood Warbler at a garden centre and on June 1st I spanked it up into Yorkshire to wank over this creature -

June 2nd saw me listening to a Quail in Notts and 25 minutes later I was listening to a much sweeter Quail in Derbys - Much sweeter due to me 'self-finding/hearing' that one.
Lastly, on June 4th I went to Willington GP's in Derbys to watch a distant Red-footed Falcon flying about behind some trees. I've been told by a Willington regular that the rumours that this bird was found dead are actually a load of bollox and were probably started by one of them fish people cos they were pissed off with the bird people walking on 'their' land.

I think that covers the majority of the important 'bases' for now.

Oh, and I got a dog on June 23rd. well a puppy actually, a friesian hound called Brody, Chief Brody. He's a little bastard!