22 December 2011

Arise Lord Vader.....

So, I'm pondering....What happened at this time of year before someone published that little book of lies (ya know, that one that makes out a tart was hanging around some bike shed and mysteriously dropped a sprog even tho' she were making out she was a virgin....and who's silly idea was it to call it bleedin' Jesus! What a pathetic name, I mean, if I'd have wrote that fairytale, I'd have at least given the brat a cool name like Darth Vader or something!).

Oh, and in a recent post, I moaned about a certain type of toilet tissue that wondrously appeared before my eyes as I sat on the thrown...Well, blow me down and call me a unfestive scrooge like bastard (Well I'd prefer it if you didn't, even if it is true) but it appears the plucky Reindeer and Snowflake design has now been exchanged for this -

Icey softness for those post Christmas Dinner moments

So, Birding.... it's kinda taken a back seat this month but last weekend (18th December) I and Mikipedia traipsed over to Gedling Pit Top, Notts, and did some staring at a pretty decent Rough legged Buzzard. I'd never visited said site before and was quite impressed with the place. I'm also slightly surprised that it doesn't turn up more quality birds but I ain't a clue how well it's watched. A fly-thru Pergrine was cool has it bombed towards the city of Nottingham, no doubt off to collect it's latest filthy pigeon fix.
Anyway, here's a photo of that RLB, it's shite I know, but I was planning on wapping it onto some editing site and scrawling some festive bollox onto it, ya know to show I'm cool with Christmas and stuff but I couldn't be arsed.
Stay warm.......or if your poor and can't afford double glazing and central heating, Stay Cool!

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