11 September 2011

Aren't inland seabirds great!

With the winds giving it some westerly blowage, my plans to head to Spurn today (Saturday 10th Sept) had been postponed. The west coast could have been alright but I really lacked the enthusiasm to drive over there so an alternative mission was created.
The evening before, Archer had informed me that whilst he was grubbing about at Aloe-Vera-Cote, sniffing glue, he had witnessed a very probable Chimney Swift buzzing around with two Common Swifts. Rather than scold him for inhaling toxicants, I agreed to meet him early morning in the very vain hope that we'd relocate the bird before we'd then head to Gailey Res' to stare at a Sabs Gull that had roosted there the night before.
Myself, Mikipedia & Rich 'The Giant' Challands arrived at Archers new love nest in the quaint hamlet of Seckington just before 8am and after a brew and a nosey around the grounds of his cottage we decided to head to his patch. A minor diversion to have a gleg at a local tenth century historical thing was interrupted by a phone call from Steve 'The Snapper' Richards. The snazzy seagull had just flown in to Gailey!
With 'The Giant' needing the bird for tickage, we headed there at pace.

Arriving at Gailey, we were informed that the target had done one seconds before we turned up. We gave it a good few hours and although the Sabs didn't return, we did manage to snare a near sum' plum' Red-necked Grebe, an adult & juv Arctic Tern and a zippy Hobby. A pair of Ringed Plovers were also noted,quietly feeding along the north shore. Apparently, these were the first RP's at Gailey for 17 years! However, their peace was being constantly shattered by a pair of yoghurts who had scrambled down to the shoreline and were attempting to ram their 'big lenses' up the cloaca's of the two waders. Ok, the Sabs wasn't there and yeh, to pass the time, getting a nice shot of a pair of Ringo's is fair enough, if you're into that, but constantly chasing them back & forth along the shore, causing them to unnecessarily flush over & over & over & over & over again just ain't on, is it?!
Thankfully, their ill behaviour was put to an end with the intervention of Wonder warden Nadia (Archers missus) who gave the one who wasn't Glynn Sellers a bit of mild hairdryer treatment! Job done! Below are a few images of the naughty boys!

Above - This D*rbyshite 'lens wielder' was getting particularly excited with the prospect of getting the 'money shot'!

Anyway, I digress, just as we were about to call it a day and head for some lunch, 'The Snapper' took a phonecall and relayed the message to us - The Sabs had been relocated back at it's original site, Belvide Res'! A pretty nifty bit of driving had us at Belvide in no time. The bird was showing nicely just below the dam wall and despite the fairly blustery wind, I managed to 'pap' an handful of images with my phone. The bird appeared blissfully unaware of the gaggle of eyes perving on it just a few feet above as it cooly picked off insects from the surface of the water. Result!

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