5 September 2010

Saturday 4th September...

Really can't be arsed to write a load of drivel about another utter dogshit day in the f*cked up county of Y**kshire so i'll keep this brief - early morning at Flamborough: dipped Olivaceous Warbler, meagre compensation gleaned in the shape of two year-ticks - Barred Warbler (272) & Rosefinch (273). F*ck all else. Drove to Grimston: dipped Booted Warbler. Arrived home to discover a Great Snipe had been found at Spurn.

The biggest Barred Warbler twitch in history??!

Rick Moranis (of 'Honey I shrunk the kids' fame) looks pretty confused after the shout of Barred goes up only to reveal a House Sparrow!!

Even Tony Christie had had enough!

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  1. with razor sharp wit like that im glad you missed me off the photo........