27 July 2010

Finally milked the Cow......Egret!

With news of a Cattle Egret roosting at Doxey Marshes for the last two nights, I, along with The Marquis, made the short 50 mile trip over to Staffs. After missing this species twice this year in Somerset, it was pleasing to eventually be able to connect so close to home! Initially pretty elusive in amongst the udders of some distant cattle, the bird, presumably hoofed up the arse by one of the bovines, flew a short distance and settled in pool side bush and showed sweetly until we got bored (and pissed off with doddering old c*nts standing in front of me) and did one home (251).

Cow Egret

Mad Cow 'Egret' Disease affects Staffs birders more than most!


  1. most of them cattle didn't look like they had udders chap, them were young bullocks!

    Nice shot of the heron btw.