17 January 2014

Two Thousand & Fourteen...

So, a new year and new stuff to scribe bollocks about. Well, this year's a bit different. In wack on four weeks, I'll be breaking up from work for three months to take primary daily care of my daughter (she'll be 6 months old). I've also decided to stick religiously (birding wise) to my beloved Notts and attempt to see/near/imagine as many species as possible in the county in 2014. Now county listing is quite possibly the realm of only deranged psychotic nutjobs due its habit of forcing one to drive ridic' miles for the most shit birds eg if a Spot Red rocks up at Misson, c40miles away, I'd have to go for it. Now I'm not going for the record (held by Palmer, 208 in 1996) but I'd like to get somewhere between 190 & 200.
As of February 14th, I'll have a nice juicy three months off work to indulge in some serious county ticking... I'll also have the company of a 6 month old little girl. Christ knows how I'm gonna combine the both but I'm gonna give it a good go. I've got the weird 'kangaroo style' carrying pouch, the top of the range, hooded, gortex covered, polar bear fur insulated rucksack thing and a four wheel drive, rugged, all weather, cairngorm tested pushchair. I've also got myself one of those snazzy chunky Nissan Qashqui things to transport us to & fro locations. It'll be an adventure I'm sure.

This year so far, as of 17th January, my Notts year List currently stands at 88. The commonest stuff I'm missing include R-l.Part, Redshank, Jay, Marsh Tit, Bittern, Barn Owl, Crossbill, Mandarin, Corn Bunt & Linnet. So far I've attempted for the Firecrest & Lesser Whitethroat at Hallcroft TWICE and dipped both times. I scored with Hawfinch at Rufford within 5 minutes of arriving, bagged Peregrine & Little Owl at a undisclosed site, both birds sat within 40ft of each other, snaffled them 14 Macaw Crankybills on Budby, experienced the euphoria of watching the sunrise at Attenborough whilst being serenaded by Cetti's Warblers & Water Rails(!) and been depressed by driving 176 miles within the county in 7hrs and bagging just 8 year ticks... It has it's up & downs.

Attenborough, Notts at dawn. Can you hear them Cettis? 

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