11 February 2012

The most expensive Black Redstart EVER

Here's how to bag your self the most expensive Black Redstart EVER! Arrange for you and TWO mates to travel to North Yorkshire for the day on 11th Feb. Ensure one of the mates has the biggest, newest, most luxurious motor ever and the other one is a lazy c*nt who cannot get up on time. You and your 'awake' mate should now travel to Scarborough (via McDonalds) and nod appreciatively at the Black Redstart that is knocking about on Marine Drive. You should also come close to death in sub zero temperatures on Filey Brigg. Please ensure you do not see the recently departed(?) Desert Wheatear at Bempton. Then after a brief discussion on what to do next, you must head straight home. Split the fuel cost in half. After handing over £24, you have, ladies & gentleman, The most expensive Black Redstart EVER!
I did actually bag a total of nine year ticks including the obligatory Brigg Purps and despite the lack of quality birds, it was actually good to be out today. The North Yorkshire coast line was complete white-out with fresh fallen snow and the bitter cold was savage but that also meant a distict lack of general birding twats!

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