16 October 2011

Tragic RTA in Norfolk....... (Rufous-tailed Accident) 15th Oct

I won't go into graphic detail about how we, along with about 100 birders and about 400 casuals arrived at dawn at Warham in North Norfolk and proceeded to not see a Rufous-tailed Robin. All I'll say/type is that despite the target being dead/fucking off during the night/still there but eluding everyone, the day didn't turn out to be a complete disaster. A whole host of transient bits were buzzing about overhead, geeses, thrushes, finches & buntings, and would have been a pleasure to behold had I been stood on that hill adjacent to King's Mill Res! Within the bits that bounced overhead, the highlight was a trio of Lapland Bunts that headed west'ish and some smart Starling murmurations! We kicked the shit out of some coastal habbo for little reward and with no Raddes or 'Throats or even YBW's wanting to be discovered we headed for them pastures where every fucker else had gone and pathetically and ashamedly joined the queues to see other folks' finds! Wells was pretty shite and the 4+ reported YBW's were represented by just one vocal individual. The highlight here however was a snazzy yet cheeky red dragonfly thing that took a shining to Mikipedia's clothes and then to myself and Archers shiny skulls!
Moving on, we dropped into Holme where the inevitable autumn Bluetail was brushed on to the day list along with some SEO's in-off. A monster Peregrine lounging on the beach was pretty drab until it decided to have some fun by pursuing the in-coming Owls. The ensuing dog-fight (Bird-Fight?) was without doubt the highlight of the day! There's a whole plethora of images below to peruse if you're bored or waiting for the kettle to boil.
Oh, and on Thursday 6th October I predicted on the ASBO Ornithological Debating Society FaceBook group that a 'rare robin/chat' would turn up on Thursday 13th...One day out aint bad hey?!

My prediction for next week

Old bird

Archer meets Osama!


'The Crane' was present in Norfolk Saturday afternoon!

Classic ASBO pappage

The inevitable...It's an age thing apparently!

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