10 February 2011

A catch up

Having not wrote on here for a while, for some reason, scotch induced or not, I thought I'd write abit of a catch up thingy. Since our last meeting, I did a bit in Derbyshire, some spotting in Norfolk and I think I did some bits in Notts... A brief rundown would include bagging some Owls at Willington along with a tree scrambling Bittern, the usual shit in Norfolk including that Harrier and I reckon I've seen that GWE & (some WFG) at Hoveringham too. As you can see, I couldn't give a fuck about it this year so far....although I have been uploading sighting to BUBUBUBUBUBOOOOO (where if you have the fucked up mentality to want to see what other folk have seen you can see what I've seen) and apparently I've notched up 145 species ('I' before 'E' except after 'C' my arse). I really should have scribed abit more because I've seriously neglected the notebook too but being disalusioned (I really can't be arsed to sort the spelling either so if that bothers ya, tuff) by UK birding thus far this year I really can't be fucked to drag pen to paper...Well I couldn't anyway. But, today whilst doing some work related commitments, I was overcome by the grey miserable skies and drizzle and was transported back to the days of trudging around King's Mill Res', looking for 'Starts and Groppers, awaiting scarce terns to prance in & out and listening for the 'Chif-if-if' of a fly-over Wood Sand (if only). Yeh it's only Feb' but the spring patching is only a few weeks away and the county birder thing kicked in. Fuck the year-listing shit, if ya mates wanna fuck off for a Ringo in Yorkshire without asking if ya wanna go with them, who cares, screw them low listing cunts hey! It's time to get ones head down and concentrate on finding the stuff that matters. I've decided that I'm gonna bang some effort into attempting to score another first for the county, Dartford Warbler is the target I'm reckoning..............................

Anyhow, I've just reread this and it's a load of shite (cheap Co-Op scotch induced bollocks) so I'm gonna do one and report back with something interesting when I can be arsed and preferably when I'm sober......Over & out!

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