11 August 2010

Baird's Sand' in Notts

Last Thursday as we left Notts en-route for Scilly. a pager message was noted stating that a Little Stint was present at Lound. I recall musing to The Marquis that it would prob turn out to be something sweeter! Friday morning as I stood at Penzance awaiting to board the Scillonian, I received a call from Mark Dawson informing me that he had sorted out the ID of the Stint at Lound! Mint! Altho' I didn't need it for a county tick, it was a juicy year tick and throughout my four days on Scilly, the Baird's was always at the back of my mind. Fast forward to Tuesday morning (10th August) and after arriving home at 3am, a good few hours sleep was followed by collecting 'The Marquis' and swiftly heading to Lound. Almost immediately upon squinting thru the slots at the Chainbridge viewpoint, the target was bagged!! A cool adult (beginning to moult into winter plum') Baird's Sand (262) (with a pretty striking supercillium almost as bright as Mikes!!). Also present here were a single Dunlin and a Black-tailed Godwit. Archie Archer arrived on site and duly had his share of the bird. I later heard that as Archer was leaving Lound, he was accosted by a member of the Lound Gestapo who for some bizarre reason believed that he was me (we think). Come on tho, he's old enough to be my dad...by West Midlands standards! Due to the distance between us and the bird, the following shoddy shots should be excused!

Mike's super' is equally as bright & striking!

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